Tuesday, October 14, 2014

First-Ever Interview and Article!

My first-ever article about my poetry book, Another Lid to a Potless Existence. Interview and article by current Bonita Vista High student Lena Rodriguez.


It's a fantastic article. It includes a few tiny pieces of a long and wonderful interview.

Let me extend the story on the punk/goth quote. Whenever you see movies about going to college there's always one person that is "dark", usually portrayed as goth or punk. So when it came my time to go to college, I was certain that I would end up finding that person, even living in the same dorm as him/her, and we would become friends. In high school all of my friends were of this nature and they're some of the best people I've ever met. They're fun and intelligent and spiritual in totally different ways. So it wasn't completely surprising that I would imagine myself befriending someone of that nature. But when I arrived at college, in those dorm rooms, I realized that I was that person. I wasn't really goth or punk, but I had the spirit. I was the "dark" one. And no one wanted to be friends with me. It was a very difficult time. I didn't make a single friend. I was different than everyone else and I couldn't quite pinpoint what it was or why. I told myself that I would give college one more chance.

My second year provided me with the same exact story. But there was one change. There was Brooke. She was my savior. And our stories weren't that different. We wrote together, We lived together. We created The List seen at the end of Another Lid [...] together. And I wrote poetry. I wrote to get away from it all. I wrote to understand. And so, the book was born. Created on bits of paper and journals, as the article says.

Not everyone gets that savior. Suicide rates are very high in college. This is one of the reasons. People are realizing how different they are. Some try to fit in and some don't, but everyone's trying to figure it all out.

Being different isn't a bad thing, but I won't sugar coat it and say you'll get out unscathed. My years in college, and the very difficult years (for other reasons) that followed, completely changed me. My personality shifted.

Sometimes I wish I could go back, but you can't reverse growth. You can only press on and reach for the sun. 

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