Thursday, August 14, 2014

365 Short Story Top Picks

Here's a few short stories from the 365 Collection. Someday I hope to complete a year's worth of shorts. If you like these, feel free to check out the others - one a day, everyday, from this year in January and February. 

A short, funny, rhyming diddy about the location of a terrible smell: 

An experimental piece focusing on the interwoven stories of every neighbor on a block taking place in only one minute of the day:

An unnerving piece about a woman who is stuck inside her home, repeating events of the day: 

A short piece that every writer should read. Or everyone that has ever felt stuck in their life: 

A first person piece about a man getting beaten up by criminals, only using the words "I, me, or my" twice - once at the beginning and once at the end:

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