Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That Smell!

Where oh where is that smell coming from? Is it you little, smelly old man living inside the garbage can? Have you been feasting on the eggs? The onions? The five day old grunions? Or is it you little cat, rolling around in your dirty litter and scat? Have you hidden a dead mouse for me? Or perhaps a bird? Not that gopher I washed out, that I’m assured. Or perhaps it’s you beefy gym rat with your muscles and taunting limited fat. Have you been working out and sweating till you stank? Your shirts yellowed? Your armpits rank? No, I believe I’ve misjudged the source. My apologies to the men and little kitty, of course. I believe it’s the Mexican food left under the bed, and upon further inspection I fear it has bred...

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